Discover :

Connect your idea to your customer and develop the value proposition- the bundle of benefits that the customer pays for.

  • What your idea can do
  • What difference does it make in the life of the customer? (The value proposition)
    1. Will it solve a problem;
    2. Will it make things easier/convenient;
    3. Will it fulfill a need;
  • The form and shape in which your idea will be delivered and/or used by the customer – to envisage the resource requirements and constraints in execution
  • The revenue model i.e.,How will you make money with your idea. How will your idea generate revenues and what are the key processes involved; and
  • The competitive positioning of your idea
Analyze :

Study the market – understand customer needs – test your product concept.

  • The market – We help you understand the market
    1. The size of the market/opportunity
    2. Customer taste, preferences and expectations
    3. Competitive landscape – Current offerings and substitutes
  • The business model – We help you arrive at the best possible method to deliver the proposed value and make money – This includes revenues models, cost structure, key processes, people and partnerships
  • The viability & feasibility of the idea: We would then subject the business model to a reality test to check feasibility, study the proposed vs. perceived value, and modify the business idea
Create :

Develop your business model – the revenue model, your partners, your internal processes- your delivery channels

We help you create

  • The final implementation model with clearly defined customer segments, marketing strategy, sales channel, targets, budgets, promotions, alternate plans etc.
  • The Business plan with projected revenues, costs and earnings potential
  • The funding requirements – to assess the funding requirements at various stages to propose to investors
  • The team that will empathize your vision, values and run the business under your leadership
  • The basic monitoring and control systems that will ensure keep the business in check and provide alerts on potential threats
Accelerate :

Scale up the business – rapidly increase sales, build your team and organization for growth; value your business and tie-up funding

We will help you accelerate your business by

  • Putting you in front of potential investors
  • Guiding you in your negotiations with investors so that you get maximum value for your organization
  • Assisting you in legal proceedings through the deal; and cheer you while you walk away with big bucks