The world remains the same – we see it differently and that is what makes our lives different.

There is the eternal cynic who sees only darkness, conspiracies and injustice- and talks and tweets and posts about these. The world doesn’t change as a consequence. But, for a moment when one reads the tweets or posts one shares the cynic’s sadness and moves on. The world remains the same- the cynic continues through his sad life.

Then there is the optimist- who sees the same world. He sees beauty, sunshine, acts of kindness, justice and tweets and posts his hope of goodness and brighter days. The world still remains the same but the optimist lives his life with a smile and makes those around him also smile for a while.

The choice is really ours – whether we want to live in a world of darkness or one of light – if we would rather spread cheer or despair. The world will still be the same no matter what. It is our life that will change as our world view changes.

We make the world we live in.