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Startup Funding Do’s and Dont’s

This video helps startups to understand (1) When should they start thinking about finance (2) What are the sources of funding and (3) when is it appropriate to go for funding

Video Resources
Know your Entrepreneurial DNA

Every entrepreneur has a set of DNAs that drives his business decisions and knowing your primary DNA is important.
Mr. R.R.Krishna, Chief Learning Officer, Potential Genesis brings in insights, worldwide practices on this area.

Start-up success stories – 1

It is always interesting to listen to high achievers in business. But have you ever listened to a start-up on how to succeed in business? It is even more interesting. In this set of videos we interact with budding start-ups who have just tasted success and moving on to the next stage with big plans. Let us understand “how do they do it”.

Startup Success Secrets – Part 3 – Value Proposition

Understanding Value proposition is critical for any business to succeed. This video explains how value proposition offered by two companies varies and its impact.

Startup Success Secrets – Part 2 (Business Model)

This video outlines the various elements of the business model. Importance of concept testing through a minimum viable product.

Startup Success Secrets

Most startups have great ideas but very few succeed. An idea is just the tip of the success iceberg. This set of videos is about how to create successful startups.

Cash Flow Statements Demystified

Understanding Cash Flows; cash as different from Profits; Cash is king; small businesses have a problem of managing cash flows.

Income Statement Demystified

Profit and Loss Statement; Balance Sheet ( the Income Statement) – Part 2 – understand the Income Statement that accompanies the balance sheet.

How to read a Balance Sheet? (or What is a Balance Sheet?)

Simple explanation of the most popular Financial Statement: The Balance Sheet. understanding the balance sheet; liabilities and Assets explained; Debt Equity explained;