The deadly Game of Unicorns

  The latest term doing the rounds is Unicorns – startups with $ 1Billion valuation. There is great excitement that India has 8 of the worlds 107 Unicorns[1].  Every emerging startup looks at these companies with reverence. Their founders are the darlings of the media. But lurking in the shadows is a sinking feeling – is this for real ? Are these companies going to be game changers for the economy or are…Read more

Control Metrics-A Startups Lifeline

    Running a   company, especially a startup is like driving a rally car on a treacherous route. You cannot loose control, even for a moment. Your eyes must stay focused on critical parameters (a)the road ahead (b)the speed of travel, and (c) the rate of fuel burn. In the same manner, when driving a startup also, the entrepreneur must have his eye on key numbers. These are known as control metrics.…Read more

Is there a need out there for my product or service?

Author: Sudha Chandran - content editor, startupbuddyin “The Best Entrepreneurs Don't Come Up With Great Ideas, They Solve Market Needs,” reads the title of a Blogpost (dated May 5th, 2013) on An interesting title indeed, and - perhaps at first glance - one that seems to contradict most people’s traditional understanding of an entrepreneur’s role. It is generally believed that an original, innovative or unusual idea is imperative to making a success of a…Read more

The world we live in

The world remains the same - we see it differently and that is what makes our lives different. There is the eternal cynic who sees only darkness, conspiracies and injustice- and talks and tweets and posts about these. The world doesn't change as a consequence. But, for a moment when one reads the tweets or posts one shares the cynic's sadness and moves on. The world remains the same- the cynic continues through…Read more

Investor – Entrepreneur relationship is not planned to last forever……

The city has been bustling with lot of activities surrounding the magic word "Startups". Yet one more event and this time it was Impact-a-preneurs or as we know them as "social entrepreneurs". Lot of interesting discussions were held in the topic of funding the social enterprises and investor-entrepreneur relationship. Does the investors see any difference between regular funding and impact funds? Is Profit a "bad word" when you are starting a social enterprise?…Read more
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