Control Metrics-A Startups Lifeline

    Running a   company, especially a startup is like driving a rally car on a treacherous route. You cannot loose control, even for a moment. Your eyes must stay focused on critical parameters (a)the road ahead (b)the speed of travel, and (c) the rate of fuel burn. In the same manner, when driving a startup also, the entrepreneur must have his eye on key numbers. These are known as control metrics.…Read more

Satyam Raju and his 5 Character Flaws

  Ramalinga Raju is a very creative (and probably good) man. Such a shame that this talent, instead of blossoming to something good, had to lose so badly to obvious character flaws. The Satyam fraud -in just 5 lines: Create fictitious revenue and expenses and show non-existent profits Offload own shares that soar as a consequence and gain real profits Invest gains in low priced land that are earmarked for city’s master plan…Read more

Is there a need out there for my product or service?

Author: Sudha Chandran - content editor, startupbuddyin “The Best Entrepreneurs Don't Come Up With Great Ideas, They Solve Market Needs,” reads the title of a Blogpost (dated May 5th, 2013) on An interesting title indeed, and - perhaps at first glance - one that seems to contradict most people’s traditional understanding of an entrepreneur’s role. It is generally believed that an original, innovative or unusual idea is imperative to making a success of a…Read more

Startups are the place to be…..

With startups mushrooming than ever before, the opportunities for freshers and youngsters to start their careers are immense. But should you join one or not? Working in a startup gives immense opportunities to learn a lot of things. With minimal resources, you have a lot to innovate and do things smartly. You get opportunity to work closely with the founders and learn the ropes quickly. The working culture of most of the startups…Read more