Who is the customer?

When is the last time you paid to use Facebook or Google or LinkedIn? So who is their customer – you or the guys who pay them for advertising, or premium services or search analytics? The concept of customer has changed. The old notion of the customer being the one who pays is no longer valid in the new world. There are the “user” customers and the “payer” customers.  Who is more important –…Read more
Value Proposition- when idea meets customer

Value Proposition- when idea meets customer

Core of a business model is the value proposition. An idea by itself is inert . A customer gives it life. when the core idea is mapped to specific customer needs you get the Value Proposition-  your unique bundle of benefits that a customer pays for. Contrast the traditional cab company with the new age cab company OLA. The former promises to reach you from point A to B. OLA promises much more…Read more

Attributes versus Benefits – know what sells

As an entrepreneur you love your product. It is your baby - you have nurtured it in your mind, worked on it day and night. You are genuinely proud of what you have created - its attributes, features are all your creations and you are justifiably proud. But will it sell..... that is the million $$ question. Let me tell you a story of Sid , a polymer engineer turned entrepreneur: Sid was…Read more

So you are a startup -

A Startup is a great place to be . Actually "startup" is a phase in the life of an enterprise. The child phase- the phase of creativity, discovery, experimentation- the phase that prepares the child to be a Man. A phase that is Lots of fun, adrenalin, anxieties and Dreams ! Have fun but also remember : there is  only a 1 in 1000 chance that you will succeed. But, don't lose hope. With simple…Read more