Startups are the place to be…..

With startups mushrooming than ever before, the opportunities for freshers and youngsters to start their careers are immense. But should you join one or not? Working in a startup gives immense opportunities to learn a lot of things. With minimal resources, you have a lot to innovate and do things smartly. You get opportunity to work closely with the founders and learn the ropes quickly. The working culture of most of the startups…Read more

Ecosystem for Startups is better than ever…

In the recent times, there has never been a day without news media talking about a new venture, big funding announcements, mind boggling valuations of budding companies. The ecosystem for startup companies in India is better than ever. With flourishing number of angel investors and venture capitalists, the funding scenario is more encouraging especially for tech startups. Online businesses and digital space are the hot topics of the day - with technologies like…Read more

The mythical Elevator pitch

All entrepreneurship classes teach about the elevator pitch – those 60 seconds worth of time the investor gives you that makes or breaks your dream. Do you really think an investor is a fool to open the door to a smart aleck that gives him a 60 second pitch? If Mark Zuckerberg had made the mistake of making an elevator pitch it would have been “..I am a Harvard Grad who has created…Read more

Five Mistakes startups make…

(1) Trying to create the perfect product X was way ahead of the times. He realised, before anybody else, the huge potential for a jobs portal in what he believed would be a rapidly growing web economy. This was at the turn of the millennium- 2000. He spent 3 years and over 10 Million INR (money borrowed from friends) , creating the perfect job portal. He designed and corrected the design and redid…Read more

Creating learners – the true purpose of education

True education is freeing the student of the  need for a teacher. Once free he transforms into a learner for life. Like the Google crawler, with a continually evolving learning algorithm, he traverses the big wide world (sic)  seeking knowledge available in the thousands of pages of published and unpublished material through myriad online and offline resources. Reading, reflecting and internalising shapes the mind and with each passing day he becomes wiser. Today…Read more