Investor – Entrepreneur relationship is not planned to last forever……

The city has been bustling with lot of activities surrounding the magic word "Startups". Yet one more event and this time it was Impact-a-preneurs or as we know them as "social entrepreneurs". Lot of interesting discussions were held in the topic of funding the social enterprises and investor-entrepreneur relationship. Does the investors see any difference between regular funding and impact funds? Is Profit a "bad word" when you are starting a social enterprise?…Read more

Product Pricing – a startup dilemma

Revenue models depend on pricing. And pricing is one big unknown for most startups. How much do I charge? If I charge low, I will have lost an opportunity – if I charge high I may lose a customer. So what do I do? Actually price is not one number. It depends on the customer’s willingness to pay. This varies widely. A smart company must take full advantage of this. Customers are different…Read more

Look before you leap – a good startup mantra

We met a startup company recently who wanted to sell their company having burnt their initial seed funding . They had been working on a great idea for the last 18 months, had got funding but  was now broke. Here is their sad story… X, a team of youngsters left their jobs to become entrepreneurs. Their idea was to create an exchange platform for sourcing professionals. The idea was to connect professionals with knowledge…Read more

Passing the balloon – the new age game

 Flipkart is valued at $ 10BN in 2014 :  2013 head line  “…Flipkart revenue growth 5X as loss doubles”. AirBnB valued 20 times sales at $13 BN; WhatsApp, not been able to charge a dime for its service valued at $19BN. Dropbox and Uber and many more visited by the same fairy. Footfalls, hits, sticky hits and traction . Words that would make Warren Buffet cringe. When Berkshire Hathaway invests in Coke, it…Read more

The funding waves in the start-up eco system

The first wave The funding community till recently was characterized by a limited number of publicly silent high profile VCs and angels. Nobody was able to recall a VC’s name till a year ago. This scenario has completely changed after the entry of some star founder-chairmen. Ratan Tata, Azim Premji, Narayana murthy, and also the next gen Bansals, Naveen Tiwaris, Kunal Bahls are making news every day for investing in start-ups. This wave…Read more