We will be your buddy all the way
India 2014, the place to be; the fastest growing and third largest startups ecosystem in the world. Young entrepreneurs–bubbling with ideas and a gleam in their eyes searching for the elusive investor with dollars for his Dreams! HNIs, Angels and VCs armed with a war chest of Dollars also on the prowl for the next Alibaba. The winning startup is out there somewhere. Which is the star waiting to be found out? Where is the Angel for the great business idea?

StartupBuddy would put the two together – helping the entrepreneur find his angel and the angel his Billion Dollar baby. StartupBuddy – truly the entrepreneur’s buddy. Brazing and polishing “great” ideas into super businesses. Creating winners; providing a platform for entrepreneurs to discover others to collaborate with; finding useful resources and mentors to hold their hands in the journey.

With decades of experience, working with large and small companies, our team of experienced mentors would be with you in your journey till you take wings and fly. Working side by side, with you, to help discover the value proposition in your idea; craft your revenue model, chalk out your first business model, sharpen it with research, testing and customer feedback. We are with you throughout the stages of idea, pilot, scale and exit.

We will help you succeed and as you walk away with the big bucks we will cheer you all the way.

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