The deadly Game of Unicorns

  The latest term doing the rounds is Unicorns – startups with $ 1Billion valuation. There is great excitement that India has 8 of the worlds 107 Unicorns[1].  Every emerging startup looks at these companies with reverence. Their founders are the darlings of the media. But lurking in the shadows is a sinking feeling – is this for real ? Are these companies going to be game changers for the economy or are…Read more

Control Metrics-A Startups Lifeline

    Running a   company, especially a startup is like driving a rally car on a treacherous route. You cannot loose control, even for a moment. Your eyes must stay focused on critical parameters (a)the road ahead (b)the speed of travel, and (c) the rate of fuel burn. In the same manner, when driving a startup also, the entrepreneur must have his eye on key numbers. These are known as control metrics.…Read more