Investor – Entrepreneur relationship is not planned to last forever……

The city has been bustling with lot of activities surrounding the magic word "Startups". Yet one more event and this time it was Impact-a-preneurs or as we know them as "social entrepreneurs". Lot of interesting discussions were held in the topic of funding the social enterprises and investor-entrepreneur relationship. Does the investors see any difference between regular funding and impact funds? Is Profit a "bad word" when you are starting a social enterprise?…Read more

Product Pricing – a startup dilemma

Revenue models depend on pricing. And pricing is one big unknown for most startups. How much do I charge? If I charge low, I will have lost an opportunity – if I charge high I may lose a customer. So what do I do? Actually price is not one number. It depends on the customer’s willingness to pay. This varies widely. A smart company must take full advantage of this. Customers are different…Read more